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Welcome to Gamadasu dome.

From November 1990, our volcano was active for about five years. How did the local people overcome this disaster? The Gamadasu Dome has undergone renovations and reopened in April 2018. Here we hope that you will be able to learn about the wonders of nature, the lessons that we have learned from the disaster, how to prepare yourself in case of a disaster and learn even more about the geopark.

Heisei Diorama

Through projection mapping you can see how the pyroclastic flows and rockslides affected the area over the five years of volcanic activity.

Unzen Sky Walk

You can take a virtual walk through the sky and see a unique view of the areas surrounding and affected by the Mt. Fugen eruptions.

Life before the disaster ~ until the disaster

These pictures show in chronological order, what life was like in the area before the eruption and how the people both reacted to the disaster and what their thoughts were about it as well.

The Great Heisei Eruption Cinema

Through an immersive video, you will be able to experience the pyroclastic flow and landslide through three (3) videos which show the past, present and future of the Shimabara Peninsula.On time

Mt. Fugen and the World

You will be able to learn about the different types of volcanoes in Japan and around the world in this exhibit. There are a variety of interactive exhibits for you to try as well.

Disaster Preparation

Due to the development of unmanned equipment for use near Mt. Unzen, you can learn how this equipment is used to help prevent disasters through an interactive, remote-controlled game.

Shimabara Taihen Theatre

In this theatre you can learn about the 1792 eruption which was called the “Shimabara Disaster.”This story is told through a picture-card show shown in the style of Kabuki.On time

Gifts of the Volcano

In this attraction you can learn about the gifts, such as hot springs and geothermal energy, through a video exhibition.

Lava Garden

In this area you can see actual lava rocks that were carried down from Mt. Unzen by the pyroclastic flows and landslides. There are also lava rocks that are from Mt. Mayuyama and the Edo period eruption.

Kid’s Geopark

For kid’s there is a fun way to learn and experience the power and coolness of the Earth and Mt. Unzen.

Wonder lab

To learn about science, geoparks, and disaster prevention; there is an area where guests can participate in experiments and other experiences.

Café and Shopping

The people of the Shimabara Peninsula have received many gifts from the land. In order to convey these gifts, the Gamadasu Dome has two main concepts. They are,“the importance of life in the present”and “the warmth of the people.”In these concepts the themes are“life”and “people”and we hope that this helps to convey the “heart”of the Shimabara peninsula to our visitors.

Entrance Fee

Standard exhibits Kid’s Geopark
Adult JPY1,050
Middle / high school student JPY740
Elementary student JPY530
Under elementary school

※Prices in parentheses are for groups of 15 people or more.
※You cannot use the free pass or set ticket in conjunction with another discount.

Open from 9am to 6pm (last entry 5pm) Open year round* Closed for maintenance in April



1-1 Heisei-cho, Shimabara-shi, Nagasaki 855-0879, Japan